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   Goodafternoon, ladies and gentlemen!

     It is a great honor for me to attend this grand ceremony today; to meet with al lthe respectable parents here; to meet with his honorable Principal Mr. Cheng,Party Secretary Mr. Yu, Chair of the Teacher’s Union Ms Shi and Director Mrs. Gao; to meet with Director Alex Kong, Mr. Tom Chen, Mr.Edward Han, Ms Sara Zhang, Ms Laura Li and all the foreign experts and Chinese teachers, and above all, to meet with all the brilliant students in the most prestigious high school of greater Zibo City!Thank you for being so far sightedand visionary to bring international education to our doorsteps and to make it possible and readily accessible to all the students, past, current and future.Thank youfor offering a truly memorable, remarkable and rewarding senior middle school education experience. It is memorable because it is full of pleasant andpositive memories that the students will be happy to look back on in the longrun. It is remarkable because within as short as 3 years the students have successfully completed both the Chinese and the English courses, passed a number of challenging tests such as TOEFL, ACT and/or even the SAT with more than satisfactory results. It is rewarding because they were not only admitted byhigh-ranking universities in the world, but have also got well prepared for thetertiary education.With its balanced curriculum incorporating both the best ofthe Chinese education and western education, its dedicated professional teachers at the cutting-edge of their fields, its logical, reasonable and systematic textbooks introduced directly from abroad, its small class size, itspersonal attention and support from friendly staff members, the International Department of Zibo Experimental School plays a very successful role inproviding one-stop education service and in assisting the students to get ready for the smooth transition into their chosen fields in international education.Educationis not a simple and easy thing. Instead, it is a complicated systematic engineering that requires a dynamic environment in which the dedicated teachersand diligent students can interact with each other and among themselves. It isa process for the students to discover themselves and unleash their fullpotential during the most delicate and sensitive years of adolescent rebellion whichrequires wise guidance and timely support. It is also a process to cultivateall the qualities required for them to succeed in the coming tertiary educationsuch as good time planning to act proactively rather than passively, the independence to stand on their own feet, the good study habits to read book strategically fast and tactically well, the right attitudes to face challengesand the resour cefulness to overcome difficulties as well as the self confidenceto move forward regardless of any setbacks. Nothing but qualities like thesecan guarantee ongoing success in the long run.The International Department successfully provides a most livable environment and academic atmosphere for the students to survive, to interact, to grow and to prosper with self-respect, self-confidence and self-identity as well as dignity in the most competitive years of senior middle school education.

    Iremember clearly that hot summer in the lobby of the reading room here, Dr. OvidBoyd explained to me, with great clarity and professionalism, about the GACprogram and the class placement policy.I remember well the first time I met Catherinewho impressed me deeply as a friendly and accessible teacher who was popularly addressed as ‘CAT’ by her students.I remember well how happy my son was when hetold me Mr. Sam Almond offered each of his classmates a cone of ice-cream inthe hot summer.I remember Laura Li, their strict and beautiful head teacher,sent me messages inquiring about my son’s absence from class.I remember Mr. Edward Han sent me messages via WeChat around midnight about receiving offers from the universities during his winter vacation trip to Inner Mongolia.I remember howI, as an English teacher for nearly 30 years, was amazed to see that the GAC text books are so logically sound and systematic.I remember how my son admiredhis teachers for their bilingual learnedness and made up his mind to be one ofthem in the future.I remember how I found the peace of mind after my son tookthe assessment test required by his chosen school.I remember how I wasimpressed to know Vincent worked as a volunteer in Cambodia.I remember how Ifelt amazed to hear Garret Li speaking fluent English to me on the way to this meeting hall.I remember how Ms Meng Wu, their versatile teacher, Jessa Li,Sunshine Li and my son singing together the most popular South of South Mountain on the new year’s eve party.It is from interactions, engagements and participations like these that our children survive, grow and prosper.Now it is the time for the 2013 students to leavetheir much enjoyed school and embark on a new journey. It is a journey of yourown choice to further cultivate your potential, to develop your interest, tohatch your creative ideas and to hone your academic skills. It is a journey tobecome a global citizen with combined wisdom and vision of both the east andthe west and with your skills and professionalism to be recognized in the worldjob market.It is a journey at an age, still hopeful to achieve near, equal oreven better than native English proficiency in the whole spectrum of dailyactivities and in your specialized field。It is ajourney sponsored by your parents and supported by the dynamic economy andglobalization of China, which expects you to come back with better equipped expertise to find your place and make your contributions.It is a journey thatstarts with you proud of the new school you are to attend and to end with youbecoming the pride of your school you are to graduate from.It is a journey withoasis of flowers yet not without thorns of difficulties and challenges. Withall the essential academic preparations and your resilience fostered here, I amsure you will have a brighter future!

    Fare you well and wish all of you good luck!









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